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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

FreshPet: Roxie's favorite new dog food

Roxie and I were recenlty introduced to Freshpet, a new dog food brand on the market that touts it's freshness and natural goodness.

In the wake of the pet food recalls, Roxie and I decided to give Freshpet a try. I fed Roxie this food over the course of several weeks, observing her behavior and speed of eating. Our results are below.

It was love at first sight for Roxie. She seemed to be able to smell the Chicken and Veggies before I could even open the package. I was pleased to see that it was meaty chunks in asealed pouch versus a can full of gloppy, gelatinous goop. I was also happy to see it looked like real food, I think I even saw fresh herbs! Talk about mouth-watering!

Roxie and I both couldn't wait to see what this food was all about and it was feeding time, so I spooned out the correct portion of Freshpet for her size into a bowl on the floor. Roxie is trained to wait for my hand signal before she can eat and this time she just couldn't help herself, she dove right into her bowl of chicken and vegetable and ate it with gusto!

I was so surpised by Roxie's reaction that I called my husband over to see her in action. Within minutes, the food was gone and she was begging me for more. Roxie gave it 2 paws up!

I was impressed, but decided to feed her Freshpet for 2 more weeks to be sure she didn't have loose stool or develop any allergies. So far, so good! Roxie is still enjoying Freshpet and doesn't even look twice at her former kibble of choice.

Where can you get Freshpet? Gristedes in Manhattan and Brooklyn for starters. Click here to find a store in your area.

I'd definitely try this brand again if they were in a grocery store closer to my home. Gristedes isn't a great grocery store and their chain has been shrinking over the past year. I do hope that I will be able to find Freshpet at my local Pathmark, Petco, PetSmart or even via FreshDirect.


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Warm woofs,
Roxie and her mum

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I were in Alexandria, VA when we saw this freshpet food in the refrigator at the local store. We decided to try the loaf and our two westies could not stop eating the food. They are picky eaters, but they loved this. We mixed the food with their dry food and they love it. We have been trying to find the food and have not found it at the store. The store discontiued selling the food. Could you help us find it again in the Washington, DC area??? We live in Bowie, MD.

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