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Monday, February 26, 2007

Dog Trainer to the Rescue! Part 2

So, here’s an update on Roxie’s training.

It turns out, she’s very afraid of people wearing big bulky coats, jerky movements by children, and she’s rude in her greeting to other dogs. All this time I thought she was being barky to protect her people, instead she’s trying to protect herself from scary-looking humans on the street.

With our lady trainer’s guidance, we’re using a clicker to train Roxie and it’s helping the situation greatly. Thanks to the clicker and the cheese treats, I am happy to say that Roxie is improving by leaps and bounds. We give her a “click and treat” everytime she sees a human walking near her and anytime a kid crosses her path. We’ve been doing it for several days and I think by spring she’ll be much more at ease and a happier pooch.

My husband and I still have to do our homework and we’re totally committed to the program. Stay tuned!

Woof! Woof!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Pssst! I know the Secret ...

The other day, before my long commute to my job in Long Island, I sat down to watch Oprah. I was very excited to watch this episode because it was about this movie I’ve been meaning to watch called 'The Secret.'

Quite a few people have told me how life changing this book/movie is and now I must have it!!

'The Secret' is yet another self-help book that Oprah has the tendency to get all preachy about and I am not really a believer in most of those types of books. However, I do agree we have great control over our destiny and that we can make decisions that will put our lives on a greater path of fulfillment. I soaked up the entire hour of Oprah feeling all pumped up to have a positive outlook and I think my thoughts and actions also will have positive affect on those around me, including my relatives, friends, and even my pup Roxie.

You do know that dogs can sense your emotions right? I have read many times that dogs can pick up on a stressful situation, especially if you're tightening the leash at the same time and they will act out. Just food for thought ...

So go out and buy that book or watch the movie with your friends. I am seriously considering throwing a movie screening party, so I can watch it with my gal pals and see what they think. If you don't have time, check out this tiny, tiny book that I love called 'It Works' by R.H. Jarrett. It truly does work! I have used it to help me focus on achieving certain goals and the results are amazing.

If you've used 'The Secret' in your daily life, please drop me a line and tell me about it. I'd love to know how it's working for everyone.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Doggies on Parade!

I think Westies and Scotties are among the cutest creatures on Earth. Too bad I have severe pet dander allergies, so I'm unable to play with them. However, I will be enjoying them from afar at the upcoming Tartan Day Parade!

This is the 9th annual parade, which is taking place on Saturday, April 14 on 5th Ave. There is a huge media presence, the Mayor, and the public come out to celebrate all things Scottish. Sounds like a hoot right?!

I just learned about it through the NYC Westie Playgroup and they are actively signing up doggie and human participants too. Sign up here:

Are you looking for some darling duds for your dog to wear while he dog struts his stuff in the parade? Check out the selection from Puppy Dog Plaids for plaid gear.

For cuteness overload, check out Barney's Web site. He's the most famous Scottie I know, and of course, he's President Bush's loyal sidekick.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's Party Time!

Are you feeling the winter blues?? Well, shake 'em off and take your pooch out for a day of fun, fun, fun!

My friends Andrea and Pauline have planned an exciting indoor playdate just for small dogs.

Here's more info:

A Post Valentine/Chinese New Year/Winter Fun Playdate
Treats and refreshments for pups and humans
Cost: $5 per dog
Venue: Happy Paws
316 Lafayette Street
corner of Houston and Lafayette
2-4 p.m. this Sunday!

This event will be hosted by The NYC Toy Dog Group, the Tri-state Toy Dogs, and the NewYorkieCityInsiders. Learn more about these doggie playgroups on

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow + Valentine's Day = Red Booties!

Hey dog lovers!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day on this wintry day in the city. We finally got our snow storm and it's quite beautiful. I love it!

I took Roxie out on a brisk walk a few minutes ago ... I was so excited to try out her new red booties I purchased through a breeder friend named Pauline. (Watch video of Roxie sporting her new booties.) She sells them way cheaper than you'd pay in a walk-in dog boutique such as Ritzy Canine or Canine Ranch.

How I adore these red booties, let me count the ways...

* They slip on and off easily, but are doggie wiggle proof
* The candy red color is so festive and eye-catching in the snow
* They are disposable and easy to store in a purse
* They are the first pair of booties Roxie hasn't tried to chew off!

They are a winner in my book! So, show your pooch some love and pick up a pair of these booties. Click here to start shopping!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Dog Trainer to the Rescue!

I'm so excited! I booked an appointment with an affordable and very nice dog trainer. She gave me so much hope about Roxie’s behavioral issues. Sadly, my pup doesn’t know how to properly greet other dogs without scaring ‘em off and then there’s the random barking at strangers while on leash. Geez!!

My New Year’s resolution was to work on getting more training for myself and my husband so we can better understand why our pup does the things she does and how we can make her life happier. Yay!

So I met with the lady trainer and I’m very optimistic that she can help us. She came to our home and evaluated Roxie and worked with us for an hour or so. (I’m keeping the trainer’s name anonymous until I know how things are working out.)

A few interesting tidbits the trainer mentioned was to consider a Gentle Leader harness. It’s a harness that goes around the muzzle and gives the dog owner better control over the pulling dog. We’re also going to work on my dog’s rudeness and fearfulness too.

During our session, the trainer gave her some good smelly treats she doesn’t normally get to have, such as cheese, chicken, deli meat or Fancy Feast cat food. Yes, I thought the cat food suggestion was strange too, but it must be formulated for dogs or something. I’m willing to give almost anything a try!

Well, I gotta run... I am playing fetch with Roxie indoors for exercise – I bet my neighbors downstairs love that!!

I’ll keep ya posted on the training.

Woof Woof!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Puppy Love!

Who doesn't love getting chocolate and flowers on Valentine's Day? Well, your dog perhaps!

To repay all the unconditional love and affection your dog gives you on a daily basis, consider taking Rover or Bella out on the town for Valentine's Day, you may even find a new playmate for your little one.

Petco is the perfect spot to celebrate too. Come out and decorate your own Valentine’s Day Pet Cookie, get a FREE Valentine’s Day Photo with Frame and enter the Best Pet Kiss Contest at 2:30 pm. It’s all for the love of your life ... your pet! Visit Petco to learn more. Participating locations include, Long Island, Yonkers, and Brooklyn.


If your lucky enough to be a lovely Shih Tzu, then check out the NYC Shih Tzu Meetup and their love-themed playdate appropriately named "And they call it Poopie Love!" at Animal Haven Soho. Fern is the organizer of the group and will be playing host. An RSVP is required.

Here's more from Fern about the Shih Tzu festivities...

It's a post-Valentine's Day lovefest!! Bring your little ones for socialization, games, and perhaps he or she will fall in love! Red is the color of the day, and doggie love will abound.

We will be playing "matching" and "love" games with the dogs. We will even be having "commitment" ceremonys for the pups. Please bring a Valentine's toy or goodie if you want to participate in our "doggie grab bag" where the dogs will pick the toy they want and then be set up with the giver of that toy.

And not to leave the dog moms and dads out of the fun, we will have wine and cheese and crackers.

Awww, love is definitely in the air! Or is that dog poop I smell? hahahaha!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Must See TV!

OK, I'm not really into football, but I do enjoy dressing my dog up in the cutest football jersey and watching the halftime show. So when I came across this in my e-mail's inbox, I was very excited and had to share this with y'all.

Super Puppy Bowl III on Animal Planet. It's the most adorable thing to watch on TV on Super Bowl Sunday. Basically, it's puppies and kittens playing with each other, but it's really cute. If you enjoyed my personal Super Dog Bowl video, then you'll just love Animal Planet's version. Check it out!

For an antidote to football fuss and furor, tune it from 3 to 6 p.m. ET/PT, and again for an encore from 6 to 9 p.m. ET/PT for three hours of cute and cuddly, with information on how to adopt a puppy of your own.

Me and Ro

Me and Ro
Roxie and I attend the 2007 Canine Cocktail Pawty hosted by Jenna Gates

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