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Monday, July 30, 2007

Event: Because Your Dog Is Worth It Too Day!


9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

35 Broadway Road (off Route 130), in Cranbury, NJ

Please be sure to bone up on all of the details on our web site at:

The website has been updated with pictures of the 2006 event as well as registration forms for 2007.

2007 T-shirts now available for purchase on the site

Special Patron registration also available.

Don't paws send it in quick!


This years event promises to be our best one yet. New events include:

Dog Diving competition(professional and novice)

Annual beauty and costume contest sponsored by Modern Dog Magazine

Large breed tractor pull competition

Doggie drivers licenses photos

A top secret new contest guaranteed to be a lot of fun!

All proceeds to benefit The Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I had a fabulous time at the Canine Cocktail Pawty. Lots of well-dressed people and fun dogs mingle and enjoyed the evening for a good cause -- Animal Haven, a pet shelter and sanctuary in New York.

I hear there's going to be a Canine Cocktail Pawty in the fall. Kudos to Jenna Gates, organizer of the NYC Shiba Inu Meetup, and everyone who made this cocktail pawty such as success. I can't wait to attend the next one. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Coming Up: AKC RDO Day!

Andrea Arden, a veteran dog trainer and trusted pet professional, recently reminded me of this upcoming dog event.

From Andrea: It's a couple of months away, but thought I would put the word out there early so you can mark your calendars. The American Kennel Club's Responsible Dog Ownership Day Fair is September 15th in Madison Square Park from 11am-3pm (microchipping clinic starts at 10am).

There are Agility demonstrations (our Agility Director Kris Seiter will be showing off her dogs and their amazing skills), obedience demos, games, rescue groups, and lots more!

For more details on AKC RDO Day, visit:

Thanks for the tip Andrea!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Canine Cruise is Sold Out!

Hey gang!

I hope you got your tickets to the 2nd Annual Canine Cruise hosted by Rece Reid and Tasasha Chavis. This dynamic duo has already sold out of tickets for this special event. And they are ready to sail and fun events to boot!

One of the events is the fashion show. Check out video of doggies strutting the dogwalk at last year's fashion show on the Canine Cruise.

To see their 2007 event program, visit

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Make your dog a TV star!!

Hey dog lovers!

I just found out ABC News is seeking dogs for a new television show. Details are below.

Also, we have some cool events coming up for you and your pup! Please check out the NYC Schnauzers playgroup today to sign up and learn more.

Warmest woofs!
Corris & Roxie pup


My name is Michelle Smawley and I am a producer at ABC News. I am working on a segment for a new newsmagazine which will debut in August.

I am looking for folks who have footage of their dogs exhibiting particularly interesting or quirky or annoying behavior. For example, refrigerator opening, anxious outbursts while the owners are not at home, something noteworthy along those lines.

The perspective should be behavior exhibited while no one is looking or at night while most of the family is asleep. I'm also keen to find folks who might be open to allowing us to film. So, if you have a story please do not hesitate to reach me at the number below or e-mail me at

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Doggie Fun Facts

Cool stuff for any canine lover to know!

In Asia, royalty used to put their Pekingese in their coat sleeves to keep them warm. The breed was the exclusive property of the Chinese Imperial Court, and commoners even had to bow to the dogs.

The oldest breed of dog native to North America is the Chihuahua.

Dogs turn in circles before lying down because of natural instinct; in the wild their wolf ancestors did this to flatten long grass into a cozy bed.

A puppy's eyes do not open until they are 10 to 15 days old. Vision is usually not completely developed until they are approximately four weeks old.

A mixed-breed dog will usually possess the behavioral traits of the breed they most closely resemble in appearance.

The classic Poodle haircut was originally meant to improve the dog's swimming abilities as a retriever, with the pom-poms left in place to warm their joints, and a fluffy bulbous tail meant to stick up out of the water so they're able to be spotted easily.

A puppy's natural instinct will make them chew on absolutely anything that they come into contact with, (so always be sure they have something safe to nibble on).

Puppies should remain with their mother until they are at least eight weeks old. During this time she will teach them not to bite and how to get along with fellow littermates.

39% percent of pet parents say they have more photos of their pet than of their spouse or significant other. Just 21% say they have more photos of their spouse or significant other than of their pet.

Survivors of the Titanic included two dogs: a Pekingese and a Pomeranian.

An American Animal Hospital Association poll showed that 33% of dog parents admit that they talk to their dogs on the phone or leave messages on an answering machine while away from home.

The oldest dog lived for 29 years. He was an Australian cattle dog named Bluey, who died in 1939.

Dogs are mentioned 14 times in the Bible.

The smallest mature dog was a Yorkshire Terrier from Blackburn, England that was 2 1/2 inches high at its shoulder, and weighed only four ounces.

The tallest dog is a Great Dane named Gibson in Grass Valley, CA, who stands 42.6 inches high at the shoulder, (when he stands upright on his hind legs, he's over 7 feet tall!), and weighs 170 pounds.

If you notice a dog when he is fast asleep, you will see his eyes moving back and forth under the lids, as a human's eyes do. Researchers are almost certain that dogs dream.

Dogs' nose prints are used to identify them, just as fingerprints are used to identify humans.

When a dog bays at the moon, he is following his basic instinct to call the pack together.

70% of pet parents sign their pet's name on greeting cards. 58% include pets in family and holiday photos.

Me and Ro

Me and Ro
Roxie and I attend the 2007 Canine Cocktail Pawty hosted by Jenna Gates

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