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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Despite plea, agency to keep Ellen's dog

Ellen DeGeneres' doggy drama intensified after her tearful plea led to death threats against the group that took her dog, a spokesman said.

Read all about it on Newsday, click here.

What do you think? Should Ellen use her show as a platform for personal reasons? Should she be allowed to give her adopted dog to a friend?


Hope said...

Ellen shouldn't have just handed Iggy off. She's placed the rescue group in an untenable position. The dog's welfare is their responsibility. Had the hairdresser and her family followed procedure and applied for Iggy, they may have been approved. As it is, the rescue people, who were just trying to do right by the dog, are being branded as cruel because the hairdresser's children are shown weeping on national tv. Not fair, Ellen!

Jennifer said...

yeah, I can see both sides of this. It isn't fair that the family be put in this position, but at the end of the day, the rescue group has to stick to its ground. So many unethical people adopt puppies and sell them to dog fighting rings and worse. Ellen should have kept this private and the family should just apply for the dog. Also why didn't she test the dog out with the cats before adoption? Any shelter allows that.

Anne-Marie said...

This happened to one of my girlfriend's here in Bellingham.

Her son died in the Iraq war and so she gave her dog to a good friend to keep until she could emotionally deal enough to be a good doggy mom.

Long story short, the friend gave the dog to the humane society and the humane society wouldn't let my bereaved friend get her dog back, stating she had "given up her rights when she gave the dog away."

They had no mercy for the circumstances. =(

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