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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Watering holes for you and your dog

There’s nothing better than enjoying a cold beer with a few good friends, but what if your friends are among the four-legged set?

New York is brimming with dog lovers and booze hounds alike. Several bars are taking notice too! So go ahead, BYOD – bring your own dog -- and check out a few great spots for party animals.



Have a martini with your mutt inside this hidden gem located just a few blocks away from Union Square’s dog park and Irving Plaza. This quiet, casual bar plays an eclectic mix of rock and some hip hop, but on Thursdays they mix it up with “iPod night” where you set the atmosphere with queued-up tunes from your iPod. While you’re there, plop down on one of their comfy velveteen couches with a glass of chardonnay on the upper level or enjoy a pint with your pooch in their lush outdoor terrace. 129 E. 15th St., New York, NY 10003 nr. Irving Pl. 212-253-8061

Shake Shack

Hold a glass of wine in one hand and your dog’s leash in the other at this “roadside” food stand nestled in Madison Square Park and just a stone’s throw from James’ Run, a newly renovated dog park. The Shake Shack serves up casual fare, such as hot dogs, burgers, delicious frozen custards and for your furry friend -- a pooch-ini. 212-889-6600,, Southeast corner of Madison Square Park, near Madison Ave. and E.23rd St.

Bailey’s Corner Pub

This dog-friendly Irish pub boasts a dozen TVs that are strategically placed to keep sports fans from craning their neck, and it’s so cozy too. The owner is a dog lover and is known to play host to several dogs and their owners in search of a stiff drink after an afternoon romp at the nearby Carl Shurz dog run. 1607 York Ave, 212-650-1341



On every third Sunday, the owners of Moonshine encourage you to bring a bull dog and have a beer at their spot in Red Hook. What makes this local hangout stand out from the rest is the BBQ pit in their “beer garden” complete with two gas grills and smoker. You can get your grill on and use their condiments for free, but call ahead before showing up with your own meat or veggies to avoid a traffic jam. Come out for the jukebox filled with classic rock, arcade games from the 80’s and, of course, the wide variety of beers and whiskey too. 317 Columbia Street, between Woodhull and Rapele Streets, off of BQE,


A dog-friendly pawty with a purpose:

Canine Cocktail Pawty
Mix plenty of cocktails and several do-gooders together and you have a "pawty" for a good cause. Jenna Gates, organizer of a doggie playgroup for her favorite dog breed – Shiba Inus – concocted the Canine Cocktail Pawty as a way to amuse her playgroup members and raise money for canine charities. There will be another cocktail pawty in November 2007. Stay tuned! (For more information:


Wimsey said...

Roxie, you forgot the Boat Basin Cafe in Riverside Park! My favorite place after the Grom Gelato store.


Roxie's mama said...


there are soooo many to list and so little time. i'll be sure to add that to my next roundup...gotta trot over there!


Barron said...

There are a lot of great pet websites out there to look at!

Me and Ro

Me and Ro
Roxie and I attend the 2007 Canine Cocktail Pawty hosted by Jenna Gates

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