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Thursday, January 18, 2007

What do you do about dog doo?

It’s hot, fresh, and waiting for you to pick it up. And I don’t mean Krispy Kreme donuts. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s dog poo that’s waiting for you!

According to, one town in Long Island is doing something about its dog doo …

In an effort to curb harmful runoff from animal waste, Babylon town officials will hand out free pooper scoopers to residents today at the West Babylon Animal Shelter.

I think it’s great the animal shelter is trying to help out the community it serves, but I’d think people can handle picking up a little dog dropping on their own. Geez! If you own a dog, you’re no stranger to smelly turds that fall out of your dog 3-6 times a day. Why on Earth do people need a scooper? Just grab a plastic grocery bag and grab it up with gusto! Haha Well, just pick it up and dispose of it in the trash.

I’d prefer Babylon’s animal shelter focus on saving dogs and placing them in needy homes than catering to a bunch of lazy people.

So, I'd like to know from you: What do you do about dog doo? Do you pick it up with no problem? Or would you like to get one of those snazzy pooper scoopers? Share your views in the comments section. Thanks!

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