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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Martha, Martha, Martha!

I looove Martha Stewart. My friend once told me, "You pray at the altar of all things Martha." And, I do!

I was devastated when she got into trouble for using a "stock tip" and had to go to Camp Cupcake. My friends and family called me all day to ask how I'm handling the news. I know that seems very weird...

Yes! Yes! Yes! I adore Martha! My family calls me Black Martha whenever I get the urge to be crafty and make homemade beauty products or when I take something that's bland and do it up fancy -- "marthastyle." LOL

Well, I adore Martha Stewart because she is a shrewd businesswoman and creative force to be reckoned with. Plus, she's a dog lover and has three beautiful dogs named Paw Paw, Sharky and Francesca. Sooo adorable! I love when she dedicates space in her magazines or show to dogs.

A few weeks ago, Martha invited a fellow crafty lady named Laurie Marie on her show Martha to demonstrate how to make a handmade picture of Martha's dog Sharky, a French bulldog. Laurie Marie's company is called Pretty Little Things and her crafts are awesome! Check out her Web site.

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Wimsey said...

My dear Miss Roxie, schnauzers are among my most favorite playmates and you are a very lovely girl. I apologize for taking so long to reciprocate your link to me, I can only say, sometimes humans don't move as quickly as we'd like!


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Me and Ro
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